Module 4

Forklift Attachments & Accessories

Training Module 4 – Forklift Attachments and Accessories

Understanding and using Forklift attachments and accessories can make loading, unloading and transporting items quicker and easier in the warehouse, at the jobsite and on the dock. We explore the various accessories and attachments for your forklift that will add to your productivity, safety and job satisfaction.
Bale Clamps
A Forklift Bale clamp enables all bale clamp products to be handled safely, efficiently, and economically without any damage. With different lift capacities, the Hydraulic attachment is ideal for the recycling industry and for bale products applications.

This forklift attachment is best suitable for:

Bale clamp products are suitable for all applications such as pulp, waste paper, cotton, tobacco, foam, metal and more. This special parallel clamp is designed to handle any load in bale form.

Paper Roll Clamps
Forklift paper rolls clamps are designed for mills, warehouses, printers, newspaper publishers and converters.

The paper roll clamp is dedicated to supplying a damage free paper handling solution.


Designed for heavy duty handling of horizontal and vertical paper rolls. With a wide range of capacities and openings ensures that the right model is available, regardless of the size of your project or the dimensions of the paper roll. Dedicated models are available for single as well as multiple roll handling.

Appliance Clamps
Appliance clamps are widely used in the handling of ‘white goods’, both in factories and warehouses, as well as other types of materials packed in cartons. The large surfaced arm pads, along with the high-friction vulcanized rubber lining, allow load handling with a reduced clamping pressure.

This grants safe handling and reduces load damage risk. The arms have a rigid structure in order to ensure a uniform clamping force on the load surface.

Multi Pallet Handlers
Multi pallet handlers or single double pallet handlers, can through hydraulic positioning of the forks, pick up one or two pallets at a time. This can dramatically reduce handling time, with an important cost reduction during storage or loading and unloading of vehicles.
Generally the multi pallet handler is widely used in all sectors characterized by heavy handling of palletized products.

Thanks to its high performance this attachment has already achieved great success in breweries and the soft drink industries.
The single double pallet handler allows a handling time reduction of 50% compared to a standard forklift truck.

Rotators are suitable for all applications where the working cycles require load rotation or emptying containers. Rotators are commonly used in a variety of applications such as metallurgical, chemical, automotive, recycling, waste disposal and in food processing operations.

Rotators are offered with a full 360 degree rotation, continuous rotation in both directions, with an ISO 2328 fork carriage welded to the rotating frame to ensure the use of the existing forks from the forklift truck. Foundry units available in all sizes.

Telescopic Forks
Telescopic Forks or Reach Forks make it easier to do more with pallets, saving time, space and money. Whether it is double deep stacking, one side loading, dual load transportation or just hydraulic extensions, there is a telescopic fork for all your requirements.

By double deep stacking, storage volumes can be dramatically increased in warehousing operations. Trucks and trains can also be completely loaded and unloaded from one side, reducing turnaround times and improving safety.

Forklift Load Stabilisers
Load stabilisers are manufactured for the transport of unstable and high loads. The units are fitted with a rubberized pressure plate to stabilize loads from the top.

Rather than clamping the load and risking damages, Load stabilisers ‘hold’ the load in place making the transport of unstable loads easier and more efficient. All units are manufactured with adjustable pressure tailor making the equipment to suit your application.

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